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Miniature You, Face Icon.png

The Miniature You™ iOS App.

Scan. Design. Create.

Our easy to use application allows you transform yourself into a custom tabletop miniature without any specialized tools or training.

Choose from our ever-expanding range of fantasy, sci-fi, historical, and experimental miniatures to create the perfect Miniature You™ for your next tabletop game.

Manufacturing for the Future.

Introducing: The Digital Factory

Our goal is to manufacture unique, personalized products and deliver them right to your doorstep in a fast, reliable, and highly affordable manner.

The result is our Digital Factory system, an automated manufacturing platform that allows us to rapidly fulfill bespoke orders through a distributed network of additive manufacturing partners.





With just three simple steps, you can transform yourself into a customized tabletop miniature using only your smartphone.

Design your own Miniature You at home,

and have it delivered right to your door.

Want to try this out for free?

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