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Our Upcoming App


Miniature You™

The iOS App - New!

We're proud to introduce the Miniature You™ iOS app - a revolutionary new process which allows you to transform yourself into a tabletop miniature using only your smartphone. Set to release in July 2019, our app is a self-guided and interactive process which easily walks you through the steps needed to create a Miniature You™. 

You'll begin by generating a 3D scan of yourself using your own smartphone's camera in less than 30 seconds. Using this scan, our interactive design tools allow you to construct and customize your miniature, choosing from hundreds of options to transform yourself into the perfect character.

Once you have finished designing how you want your miniature to look, you can select from a wide range of plastic, resin, and metal material options and global 3D printing manufacturing partners to create your Miniature You™.