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Miniature You™ is a trademark of Minuteman Miniatures, LLC.

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Designing, Sculping

& How it's All Done

Our Design Studio

Miniature You™

Our miniatures are designed both in-house by our talented team of digital sculptors and through the use of a secondary international team of artists, spread out across four continents. We originally began with four basic tabletop models and have expanded to over 100 wildly different options. All of our miniatures are based upon the suggestions and requests of our customers, and we are always eager to hear your ideas. 

When we're not creating new options for Miniature You™, our artists are hard at work developing interesting new products such as terrain and customizable vehicle kits. (Stay tuned for updates!) 

Check out a preview of our Miniature You™ bodies below or follow us on Instagram to see what we're working on next.