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The Miniature You™ iOS App.

Scan. Design. Create.

Our easy to use application allows you transform yourself into a fantasy character without any sort of specialized tools or training.

Choose from our ever-expanding range of fantasy, sci-fi, historical, and experimental miniature bodies to build the perfect Miniature You™ for your next tabletop game.

What is a Miniature You™?

A Miniature You™ is a personalized figurine that combines your actual 3D scanned head with a custom miniature body, creating a unique personalized miniature of you.


Cosplay for Tabletop Games. With the ability to transform yourself into any sort of character you desire, you can literally become the hero (or villain?) of your next game.

Representation Matters. By digitally reconstructing actual gamers as heroic miniatures, we have created a diverse range of miniatures that can truly represent everyone.

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Beta Release: Q4:2020

Become a beta tester!

Are you interested in trying out our application? Looking for something new to do in quarantine? We are now accepting applications for beta testers. Fill out the form to the right to for the exclusive chance to try out our beta.

Please note that our Beta Release currently requires one of the following smartphones for full functionality:

  • iPhone X

  • iPhone XS, XS Max, XR

  • iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Max

Beta Test Signup

Interested in trying our the Beta version of the Miniature You™ app? Fill out the form below to apply.

Beta Test
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