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How are the miniatures made?

We shoot high-powered lasers at a vat of liquid resin, out of which a  miniature version of you rises up like the T-1000 in Terminator 2.


...seriously, that's actually how we do it.

All of our miniatures are made using a 3D printing process called stereolithography. This technology allows us manufacture miniatures in extremely high resolution, capturing subtle facial details and enabling creation the miniature that will actually look like you.

What are they made of?

All of our miniatures are currently made out of photopolymer resin, which is a peach-colored liquid that turns rock solid when exposed to light.

Our standard model resin is a formula based on recent advances made in the dental printing industry, combining extreme accuracy (±35 μm) with serious durability. What this means is that your miniature has an accurately detailed face, but is also durable enough to survive getting bumped by a stray d20 during your next game of Dungeons & Dragons

We will be introducing new materials such as polished metal and flexible plastic in the near future, along with full color photo-realistic 3D printing.


Miniature You + Shapeways

So what's the best way to fulfill personalized orders around the world?

From Brooklyn to Berlin, we are now able to offer rapid and affordable fulfillment across the globe, thanks to our partners at Shapeways. While our miniatures are created New York City and New Jersey, we are able to quickly and affordably ship orders to the European Union and beyond thanks to our partner's advanced logistics capabilities. 

From the moment you place your order, our integrated tracking tools will enable you to follow your miniature through the various stages of production and delivery. It's safe, fast, and effective.

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